The Perfect Interviewee

self helpToday I interviewed the perfect interviewee. I met her at the reception, sitting in the middle chair in her elegant summery polka dot dress which was a perfect example of business casual. She extended her hand for a shake and apologized for coming a little early. She seemed positive and upbeat, but not overbearing. Continue reading


Moving Forward

I very rarely have days off. I have two jobs: one for professional development and one that pays the bills. There is very little time left in between.

The professional part of my week is extremely satisfying. I volunteer my time at an exciting startup at the crossroads of education and publishing. We develop adaptive digital books for children. What are adaptive digital books, you may ask? You are not the only one who has raised this question, so here is a video produced by me which explains it pretty neatly: Continue reading

I Called Myself a Blogger

This is me

This is me

Today, I logged onto my rarely used Twitter account (@JurgaKrast) and called myself a blogger. Right underneath my photo, where it asks you to briefly describe what you’re all about, I said, “Legal Alien in NYC: originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, I am an immigrant, a blogger, a marketer, a waitress, and an inquiring mind”.

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