I Called Myself a Blogger

This is me

This is me

Today, I logged onto my rarely used Twitter account (@JurgaKrast) and called myself a blogger. Right underneath my photo, where it asks you to briefly describe what you’re all about, I said, “Legal Alien in NYC: originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, I am an immigrant, a blogger, a marketer, a waitress, and an inquiring mind”.

All of these things about me are true, except for the blogger part. I have owned a WordPress account for a while now, and have been toying with the idea of starting a blog. In my mind I am writing tirelessly and consistently, I come up with the most exciting ideas and crafty twists of phrase, i post and re-post on various social media channels, I gain substantial following, and basically build a movement around the fascinating experiences and observations that make me.

Logically, I understand that this is no easy task. I’ve always had trouble with keeping things up. But the idea is here and I’ll never know without trying, so I’m counting on the goodwill of my readership to encourage me by participating.

What do I intend to write about? Well, firstly, I am an immigrant: I moved to New York four years ago and have been slowly settling down. Secondly, I am looking for a fulfilling career path that would excite me and provide opportunities to learn. Finally, I’m also a waitress and have been one for a few years now. All of these experiences could support individual blogs by themselves, but merging them provides for unique topics which are, hopefully, special enough to be interesting, but sufficiently common to be relatable.

So here’s my question to you who has read this entry to (almost) the very end: are you (or have you ever been) an immigrant? A waiter? In search of a career path? If not, do you know anyone who is? Tell me what your experience has been. Then please come back here or recommend me to a friend. I want to connect to others who are like me. Thank you!

To be continued…


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