The Perfect Interviewee

self helpToday I interviewed the perfect interviewee. I met her at the reception, sitting in the middle chair in her elegant summery polka dot dress which was a perfect example of business casual. She extended her hand for a shake and apologized for coming a little early. She seemed positive and upbeat, but not overbearing. Continue reading


27 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier, Period

Great list! Although I’m not sure how watching Dirty Dancing for the umpteenth time is creative (#6), and I’d rather not carry around a set of batteries (#25) for the sake of the planet Earth and also because I don’t own anything that can’t be charged with a USB chord, overall I find this post very insightful. Aren’t unreplied emails the greatest cause for pangs of conscience? And yes, making the bed does provide an instant sense of accomplishment. All in all, I completely agree: Just Do It.



just do it

Thought Catalog

1. Just respond to the email already.

2. Call your mom. Chat for five minutes, pretend that public transportation is coming/you’re walking in to work/the battery is low, then get off the phone. All she wants is to know you’re not dead — and to know that your relationship, no matter how shaky it may be, is still intact.

3. Make your bed — it makes the entire room look cleaner.

4. Write out a list by hand. Google may have invented every list-making tool on the planet, but writing it down commits it to memory — and, contrary to popular belief, not every place has internet.

5. When you get a free minute, clean out the thing nearest you, whether it’s a drawer, your gym bag, or your fridge. Just open the door, look at what is moldy, and throw it out.

6. When you get a free moment…

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Moving Forward

I very rarely have days off. I have two jobs: one for professional development and one that pays the bills. There is very little time left in between.

The professional part of my week is extremely satisfying. I volunteer my time at an exciting startup at the crossroads of education and publishing. We develop adaptive digital books for children. What are adaptive digital books, you may ask? You are not the only one who has raised this question, so here is a video produced by me which explains it pretty neatly: Continue reading

I Called Myself a Blogger

This is me

This is me

Today, I logged onto my rarely used Twitter account (@JurgaKrast) and called myself a blogger. Right underneath my photo, where it asks you to briefly describe what you’re all about, I said, “Legal Alien in NYC: originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, I am an immigrant, a blogger, a marketer, a waitress, and an inquiring mind”.

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